Pilot hat (kids)

Pilot hat (kids) This hat model is available in size 50. In this hat, a candle type that is waterproof and windproof. A candle type is used to sew a raincoat jacket. This model is made of artificial fur. Hats are made in China
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Pilot hat (kids) is very stylish, well-sewn and well-shaped. This hat can only be used in cold seasons due to frostbite. It covers the ear and back of the neck completely. To be

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Type of fabricشمعی(ضدآب)
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Pilot hat

Pilot hat The fabric used in this hat is a waterproof and waterproof candle used to sew a raincoat. The model is a versatile fur coat that is fashionable and tailor-made for people. Excellent sex, suitable stitching, lightweight, well-formed of the other features of this hat made in China
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