Newsboy Cap(Singel Colore)

کلاه کپ تخت (بچه گانه) بسیارسبک وزیبا پارچه این مدل از کلاه تترون (پارچه پیراهن)است برای این مدل کلاه از کش که پشت کلاه دوخته شده برای سایز استفاده شده وازسایز 51-52-53-54-55-قابل استفاده است برای مشخص شدن سایزبامترپارچه ای دورسررا متربگیرید ودر کادر سایز بنویسید
Manufacturer: Qasemi Hat Shop
700,000 ریال

کلاه کپ تخت (بچه گانه)

بسیار زبیا و ساده

طراحی کلاسیک مناسب برای سلیقه های مختلف

کیفیت دوخت و پارچه بسیار بالا

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Type of fabricTytrvn
Patterned FabricPatterned
Propertyبچه گانه
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Newsboy Cap(Singel Colore)

کلاه کپ هشت تکه(بچه گانه) بسیار سبک و زیبا این مدل کلاه در3سایز 50-53-55 موجود است
1,000,000 ریال

(Caps Cap beds (for children

(Caps Cap beds (for children Bsyarsbk beautiful fabric This type of cap Tetron (shirt fabric) is For this model hats cache that the cap is sewn to size using Vazsayz 51-52-53-54-55-can be used to determine Sayzbamtrparchh of Dvrsrra Mtrbgyryd and box the size of a comment
700,000 ریال

(Fishing hat (gray

(Fishing hat (gray This hat is made of cotton cloth mask size of 6.5 cm and Babndgyr clause that prevents the caps hat Zyrgrdn's time Azprt necessary for long-term tourism Mountaineering and Hiking Lightweight and long edges to prevent further sun exposure on the face
1,500,000 ریال

flat cap(brown)

flat cap(brown) tweed fabric used in the cap production plant save 45% wool and 65% cotton by combining community is Trvyra Vastry cotton (cotton cloth shirt) used Stylish and convenient, well-dressed people Good sex, good tailoring, style, form another feature of this helmet are welcome
3,500,000 ریال

Flat Caps Flame

Flat Caps Flame
3,700,000 ریال

Flat Caps Brown (Winter)

Flat Caps Brown (Winter) The fabric used in this hat is used in textile and textile yarns and yarns. The fabric is made from acrylic fabrics. It is stylish and suitable for people. Excellent sex, suitable stitching, lightweight, well-formed of the other features of this hat
2,200,000 ریال